Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Best Self Play List

While visiting Rosetta Thurman's "Happy Black Woman" blog, I came across a post about 10 songs that inspire her to be her best self.

The songs listed on Thurman's playlist made me think about  some of my favorite songs that inspire me.
I tend to find inspiration in all kinds of music. My first love is theater, so a few songs on my list come from Broadway shows/musicals.
No Day But Today- RENT:  Because it urges me to live for today, to let go of past failures or hurts, and not to worry about a future that isn't even here yet. Anything I want to do, I need to begin it today.

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow-Annie:  I sang this song at my kindergarten graduation and it has been with me ever since. This song reminds me that no matter how bad things look today, they can always turn for the better tomorrow.
I Just Can't Give Up Now - Mary Mary: This song reminds me not to give up, and that I'm not alone in my fight.

Still Got My Health- Bette Midler:  Ok basically any song from Beaches, or Bette Midler for that matter could go on my list.  I love this song because it reminds me to look at the bright side of all things, and not to take myself too seriously.
Beautiful- Christina Aguilera: This song, the title says it all. It is good to be reminded that I am beautiful, no matter what anyone else has to say about it.
What about you? What songs inspire you and why?


  1. I have to say my anthem would be "children are our future" by Whitney Houston.

  2. I love that song as well, Alicia. There are a lot of lines in that song that encourage me to be who I am, and to be the very best version of myself.