Monday, January 28, 2013

Rules for Business A lot Like Life

Many  people have an entrepreneurial spirit. They envision themselves running their very own business and being their own boss.

While working whatever hours you like may sound great, there is a lot more to running your own business than that. It is important to learn all you can about business before you set out on your own.

You can learn about starting your own business by taking college or continuing education courses. You can buy business books or check them out from your local library. Also, you can find out what it really takes to run a business from people who are actually doing it successfully.

I came across an article, Seven Things I've Learned Running a Business. Anne Day's advice seemed to sound like a lot of real life common sense. In the article she writes :

  1. You can't please everyone.
  2. Try out business relationships before signing anything.
  3. You must have balance. Simply put, you can't do it all yourself.
  4. Don't expect immediate success.
  5. Do your homework.
If you are serious about starting your own business, finish reading Anne Day's helpful article.

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Monday, January 14, 2013

What If I Fail?

What if? What if I try something new and I fail miserably? What if everyone laughs at me for even trying? What if when I walk into a new classroom, job interview, volunteer center, everyone looks at me like I have four heads? What if I spend my savings to start that new business and I go broke? What if???

I'm sure that we have all had these thoughts. I know that I have had way more than those listed above. I remember Iyanla Vanzant called it "AWFULIZING." We often imagine a scenario that is way worse than what the reality of a situation will be.

I came across this article "Realizing Your Dream: Stop Dwelling on “What Ifs” " and could relate so much to the author. She too had dreams when she was younger that she let go of because of fear. Now, however, she has decided to go back to school and study biology inspite of being over 30- years- old. 

If you've been stopping yourself from going after a lifelong dream because of the "what ifs" now is the time to stop. Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway. Say yes and go for it!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Change, Even When You Don't Feel Like It

We all have goals that we would like to accomplish. At this time of the year, people believe they want to change. Everywhere you turn there are books,  magazine articles, and television specials about improving your life. It's a very inspiring time really.

What happens, however, when all of the hoopla is over and you are left with all of the actual work you must do to change. For many people the goals they first created for themselves begin to fade. They lack the motivation or "will" to do what must be done.

A person once told me, "You keep waiting for something big to happen. You keep thinking that you're going to have this aha moment. No book, or tv show, or person has the answer you are looking for. Change happens when you simply take action."

This advice stuck with me for a long time. I ran the words over and over in my mind before I ever decided to make any changes. Really, change is that simple. If you want to change something, you take action. Then you repeat the action consistently.

I usually don't feel like doing the work involved in making my lasting changes, but over time I've learned to do the work anyway.

I heard a quote once that says, "You will never regret a good workout." I think this could apply to anything a person wants to accomplish in life. Often just thinking about something you have to do too much causes you to lose your energy.

Every excuse in the world pops into your mind to keep you from doing the work. I've learned that once you just get up and do the thing you are avoiding, you will never regret it. Instead you will feel accomplished and good about doing the necessary work to achieve your goals.

Every step you take brings you closer to realizing your dreams.

I came across these two articles in the Huffington Post which I believe have tips to help us all stay on track at any point in the year.

My goal for this year is to: Follow Through, and Finish What I Start.

What are some of your goals, not just for the new year, but for your life?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

This Year I Will...


I thought this was a good thing to repost. After so many years of making resolutions only to not complete them, I've finally gotten the hang of making lasting changes.
This Year I Will...
M.J. Ryan
225pp. $12.00

I actually began working through this small, but powerful book at the end of 2011. "This Year I Will...How To Finally Change A Habit, Keep A Resolution, Or Make A Dream Come True" by author M.J. Ryan was the perfect book to read as I entered 2012.

I found this book to be entertaining, and the exercises were always easy to work through. They stuck with me long after I stopped working through each chapter.

This book lives up to its title. It teaches you how to stop going around the same mountain over and over again, while never accomplishing anything new.  Now you can break out of that cycle, and begin creating the life you really want.

The publisher's website writes about the book:

For anyone who has broken a New Year’s resolution, fallen off a diet, or given up on fulfilling a dream, the ingenious strategies, inspiring stories, and sheer motivational energy of This Year I Will . . . help you make a promise to yourself that you can actually keep.

M.J. Ryan is a bestselling author, speaker, change expert and as she calls it a "Thinking Partner." She is the author of nine books, and a life coach.

Buy This Year I Will...