Sunday, October 30, 2011

Single Parent Scholarships

Going to college can be both rewarding and challenging. Adult or non-traditional students have additional responsibilities that the average college age student does not. When I worked to complete my bachelor's degree I had a full-time job, and a household to maintain. I did not, however, have children. An adult student who is also a single parent, may face even more stress while working to provide a home for themselves and their children. They must not only handle bills, but must also take care of their family.

While visiting Fastweb I noticed this article which details several college scholarships that were designed with single parents in mind.

If you have returned to college recently or are thinking about returning, look into these scholarships. They may be just the financial help you need.

On Fastweb be sure to complete a profile which will help the site find scholarships that you qualify for.

I know I've said this before, but there are so many scholarships that are never awarded because no one applies for them. It is so much better to get a scholarship, rather than a loan. A scholarship does not need to be repaid,where as a loan does.

Read my article, "What to Know Before You Borrow" to see why borrowing should be done wisely and sparingly.

Monday, October 24, 2011

5 Steps to a Do-it-Yourself No Flaw Makeover

Guest Post

Many of life’s events require special attention to being appropriately dressed.  Without realizing it our personal apparel is a reflection of our current life moment (ie: new job,  motherhood etc.).  If we find that routine slumped or in need of reviving there is no shortage of resources at our disposal. 
 I spent the early part of my fashion career sitting through countless episodes of "What Not to Wear" while completing my Bachelor's degree in Fashion. No need to hire Stacy and Clinton, I have gleaned the show for real life usage and created five ways you can put your makeover in your own hands.
Step 1-- There is always time in life for inspiration.  Yes, inspiration from current popular magazines or online fashion resources.  Allow yourself to be reduced to your 2nd grade imagination and make a collage of clothing and accessories you like or want to learn to wear.  *Note: if this makeover was staged by family/ friends then this exercise is for them.
Step 2--Assess what you currently own, yes everything.  This will require pulling out non-seasonal or stowed clothes.  You will be forced to realize what it is you buy (which is not necessarily what you wear).
Step 3-- Use your tear sheets or collage for guidance to gather gently used (and clean) items that do not align with your desired new look.  Donate things of value and discard the rest.
Step 4-- Go shopping within your personal budget.  A clearance rack will be your best friend in stocking up on some items (even if it’s for next season).  If money is not an object, take this time to explore the best vintage stores in your area.  You will develop an eye for quality here and gain better insight into key pieces to balance your wardrobe.
Step 5-- Try your new and improved look out immediately!  Your new way of dressing will only become a way of life if it becomes a habit (which on average takes 3-4 weeks).  When putting your pieces together don’t be afraid to refer to your collage.  It should be a guideline; allowing for easy substitutions where appropriate.
Other Tips:
--Try voluminous hair.
--Experiment with berry/ red lipstains and lipsticks.
--Invest in a good blazer if you spend money on any key piece.
 --Pick up one item of either : faux, cheetah, fur or python.
--A wedge shoe is your best shoe choice.

Guest Post Intro

When you are going after a dream later in life, such as changing careers, starting a business, traveling to a foriegn country, or even volunteering more, you want to look your best while you do it. As the old saying goes, when you look better, you feel better... also people respond better to you.

I admit, I am no expert on fashion or beauty, but I  do know when I am in dire need of a makeover.
Enter this week's guest post from Rose who blogs about all things fashion and beauty related at "RoseLovesFashion".

Check out her bio, and then her post, " 5 Steps to a Do- it- Yourself No Flaw Makeover ".

Rose Jeffries is an all-around fashion and beauty enthusiast, and is known in the fashion industry as RoseLovesFashion .  She is a full time fashionpreneur; balancing her time between blogging, attending fashion related events and creating apparel business opportunities.  Within six months of blogging she was interviewed by SpunLive, while in attendance at Nolcha Fashion Week SS’ 12 in NY.  She has a love for independent labels, eco brands/ natural products and encouraging women's initiatives.  Inspiration for her blog posts come from her real life experiences, researching trends and finding fashionable solutions for every budget and figure.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Coping with Stress

We all face stress in life. One of the most stressful times is when you are working to improve your life. As adult students we often not only have to deal with the nomal stresses that traditional students face, but also adult responsibilities like handling a full-time job, bills, and  raising a family.

It is important that we know how to properly cope with stress.  In my latest article written for Fastweb, I let you know why stress is bad for your health, and give you some inexpensive techniques for handling stress in a positive way.

Here is an excerpt from my article, "Coping with College Stress."

Let’s face it, college can be very stressful. Between carrying a full-time course load, work-study or a part-time job, internships, exams, papers due, finding time for friends, and keeping in touch with your family, it can all be too much. Some stress may be healthy, but too much of it will make you very sick.

Continue reading the full article HERE.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Praise and Thanks

After a week that was filled with a lot of self-doubt and 3, yes 3 rejection letters it was so uplifting to log into my email and to find that I have been nominated for a Liebster award.

My teacher and mentor Deesha Philyaw who blogs over at Mamalicious nominated me for this wonderful award.  So I want to send her a huge THANKS! 

According to the rules of this award I must now:

1. Show thanks to the blogger who gave you the Award by linking back to them.
2. Reveal your top 5 picks and let them know by leaving a comment at their blog.
3. Post the Award on your blog.
4. Enjoy the love of some of the most supportive people on the Internet!

My 5 Liebster nominees are:

LadyBuddha Speaks

Community Cucina

The Style Sanctuary

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Musings From The Slush Pile

I hope you will visit each of these blogs and discover something that helps you along in your journey!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


I came across this picture while visiting a friend's Facebook page. It inspired me so much that I cried. To me this picture represents all that I am working to accomplish.

The sculpture, Freedom Sculpture, by Zenos Frudakis is located at 16th and Vine street in Philidelphia, Pennsylvania.

In the first frame of the sculpture the woman is trapped in what I identify as unhappiness, defeat, failure, etc. She uses her faith and her will to begin to break out of her circumstances. In the third frame she appears to fight her way out of her current position with every ounce of strength she has.  Which leads to the fourth frame, which is a stance of freedom. She never gave up.

Click here, to read about the artist's motivation in creating this piece, and to see more of his inspiring work.

What mold do you need to break out of? What are you fighting for? I hope that this picture inspires you while you are on your journey towards freedom, as it has me.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Links for the Journey

As someone who is working to create a more fulfilling and balanced life, I am always on the look out for any new information that will help me along on my journey. Here are some interesting links I found around the web. Maybe one of them will inspire, motivate, entertain, challenge or change you in some way.