Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Guest Post- 5 Ways to Be a Better Parent

You’ve got kids. Surprise, surprise. Now what? Well, at least you are not totally ignorant, right? I mean, you were a kid once, and you had parents. So you have had at least a glimpse at both sides of the coin. But how are you going to be a better parent, or even as good of a parent, as your mom and dad? Well, here are five ways to be a better parent to your kids.
1.      Listen – Number one on the list? Listen. Active listening is vital to any relationship. Yes, I know children are often difficult to understand, but that shouldn’t matter. What matters is that you make the effort to really listen to what they are telling you. That’s what they will remember, and that’s what will make you and your child’s bond stronger.
2.      Talk –Don’t talk around them or over them or about them. Talk to your kids. Teach them everything you know. Talk to them about cars and planes, love and exercise, baseball and furniture. Whatever you know- share. Even if it seems they are too young to get it, it is not the important that they understand everything. Rather, that you are willing to share yourself with them.
3.      Spend Time –This is so important. It doesn’t matter if you only have fifteen minutes at a time to spend with them, spend it. Make it good. Enjoy it. They will know if you are just going through the motions. Fifteen minutes with a happy parent is worth three hours with a tired, cranky one. It is not the amount of time, but rather the attitude with which it is passed.
4.      Play –Your kids love you and want to be around you. Play with them. Life is more than learning and working. Enjoy being silly, making messes, and rolling in the dirt. Childhood is short, make the most of it.
5.      Relax–If you are always stressed and overworked, your kids will pick up on it. Take time for yourself and decompress before you spend time with them. You will be happier and so will they. Taking a moment to relax does not mean you are a bad parent.
No matter what age your kids are, it is never too late to start being a better parent. Make the most of the time you have with them. It may be cliché, but they do grow up fast. Enjoy the fun times, forget the bad times, and form lasting relationships. You and they will be glad you did.

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