Monday, April 2, 2012

The Nature of Encouragement

While wasting time doing research on Twitter, I came across a lovely blog post from Molly Greene a writer I was not familiar with. In the post she spoke about making an important move in her life. She sold her house and moved to a small town in California. She wrote about how scary that was. She was almost paralyzed with doubts about her decision to move until it began to rain.

I have always felt connected to the rain. Rain is almost soothing to me, and I tend to feel my most creative when it  is raining. Molly saying that the rain is what encouraged her, and helped her to feel unafraid really moved me.

I think that encouragement to overcome your fears and to keep pushing towards your dreams can be found anywhere, even in nature.

What do you feel most connected to in nature?

Read more of Molly's post, "Dance in the Rain" 

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