Monday, February 20, 2012

Scared to Succeed, Do it Anyway

The concept of success is different to every person.  What would it take for you to consider yourself successful? For some success means being rich beyond their wildest dreams. For others success means, being able to run a full marathon, raise a healthy family, or  make a difference in their community. The concept of success depends on what's important to each person.

Most people would say that failure sucks. As someone who has been rejected or has failed to accomplish some of my goals in life. I can attest that yes, failure does suck. But what about success? Does it suck?

About a month or so ago, I applied for a new project. Getting accepted for this project would help me to further my career goals. Last week I received an email from the director of the project. He emailed me to ask some follow-up questions. He didn't say yes, or no to me regarding the project, but just said that he would be in touch.

The fact the he even acknowledged me as a possible candidate for the project made my heart race.
What if instead of the no, I've gotten fairly used to receiving, I actually get a yes this time? Then what?

By recieving a yes, I would have to leave my comfort zone. I would have new responsibilities, and have to demand much more of myself than I currently do. Which is exactly what I want. Yet, I couldn't shake the nervousness I was feeling. That's when I realized even though I have all of these goals and dreams, I'm scared to succeed.

Being scared to fail or succeed causes a person to procrastinate. They don't do what it takes to make their goals a reality. If their goal is to make a career change, they look up new jobs, but never actually apply. They keep coming up with excuses to not get that new cover letter written. If their goal is to begin volunteering, they talk to their friends and family about what changes need to be made in the community or world, but never actually sign up with any organization to help out. If their goal is to complete their college degree, they sign up for school, but then never go to class. You get the idea.

In the past, I have done all of the above mentioned things. Until I realized that I was doing nothing but hampering my own success. Now although I get nervous at the prospect of doing something different that will better my life, I apply for that program, complete that class, submit that piece of writing anyway.

Now that I'm actually walking through my nervousness, it feels pretty good. I am finally doing what one of my favorite books says to do...Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway.


  1. A great reminder for anyone at any age! Keep up the great work, Kizzy - so glad you're achieving your dreams.

  2. Thank you so much, and please visit the blog again.

  3. i just stumbled upon your blog because I realized that I am scared to death to succeed but am even more sick of being stuck in the same rut I have been in for YEARS!! Thank you for writing this piece, for you have added to the inspiring pieces I have read this morning and am now going to tackle one obstacle standing in my way and keep going from there. I am also adding you to my favorites.


  4. Lindsay, thank you so much for your comment. This is an area that I struggle with everyday. I have learned, however, that the only way to get "unstuck" is to take action. The only way to overcome fear is to walk through it.

    Please keep me posted on your progress.

  5. It was awesome to come across this piece. I have been afraid of success for so long. As a matter of fact, I am shaking in nervousness, as I prepare to start training at a new job that could change my life in so many ways. I have been at my current job for over 9 years and hit a wall about 6 years into the job. After 7 years, I decided to go back to school and actually get certified as a paralegal, which is what I do. After having gotten my certification, from NYU, mind you, I still stuck by, for fear of leaving my comfort zone. After having gotten a divorce and many bills piling up, I finally got the courage to start applying for better paying jobs.

    The problem is that even when I see that I am in my path to a better future and a more independent lifestyle, the fear of failure keeps me from seeing the possibilities.

    Tomorrow, I start training at a big corporate law-firm and hope I do well enough to land that position I applied for.

  6. Crissy:

    I completely understand how paralyzing fear can be. I think we all struggle with wanting to stick with what we are used to, even if it isn't serving us any longer.

    Just know that you are capable of accomplishing all that you want to accomplish. Take it one day at a time, one minute at a time, one courageous step at a time.

    Good luck with your new job.