Thursday, February 23, 2012

Career Change

Have you been thinking about changing careers for a while now?  Do you work a full-time job in an industry that is very different from where your true passions lie?

Changing a career isn't as simple as going and applying for a job in a new field. Often you need to update your skills, or gain new skills that are required for the new job. You may have to first volunteer or intern in that industry to gain experience. You have to update your work history to show how the skills you already have can work in the new field.

 If you have decided that now is the time for you to make your move to a new career, Susan Guarneri of BlogHer has assembled some useful links in her article 9 Resources for Mid-Life Job Hunters.

One of the links was to O*Net Online. This website allows a job seeker, to look up a certain career based on industry, or similar careers. It then gives very detailed information about the job, such as typical duties, experience requirements, education levels etc. I entered a search for an Editor position and received a very detailed description. I think this website is good for anyone who is interested in getting more information about the field they would like to make a change to.

Head over to BlogHer to check out more of the helpful career change links.

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