Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Guest Post- The Benefits of Community College for Adult Learners

So you’re thinking about finally getting your degree, but where do you start? Do you go to a traditional four year college? Do you try to get your degree online? Isn’t there something in between? Something affordable that offers support and actual classroom instruction? Well, yes, there is. Community colleges offer more than just Associate degrees. They give adult learners a toehold in a strange world.
If you’ve been out of high school for a while, it can be hard returning to school. Community colleges offer testing and introductory classes to get you started, regardless of your education level. Everything from basic writing and grammar to basic math classes help you catch up and not become overwhelmed by college-level courses. Brush up on the skills you’ve forgotten or never learned in the first place.
In addition to introductory classes, community colleges also offer support. You can talk to real advisors and receive advice on your career plans, learning schedule, and class choices. Many community colleges now offer online courses as well as traditional ones so that the schedule can adjust to your needs.
Not only do community colleges offer support, they are also far cheaper than traditional colleges, online or off. With tons of financial aid options to choose from and affordable class selections, there is no reason you cannot afford to return to school.
Not only can you receive an Associate’s degree from community colleges, but most also offer certifications in key areas. Maybe you want to move up in your job or even have to become certified to continue in your current employment. Whatever the case, community colleges offer an easy and affordable way to get the certification you require.
Quality is not sacrificed at community colleges. The programs and degrees offered can usually be transferred to any four-year college you choose, which makes the decision even easier. Whether you are satisfied with an Associate’s degree or want to continue and receive your Bachelor’s or even Master’s, community college is a good way to start your learning journey.
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