Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Volunteer Plunge

I've often heard how volunteering, or working to make someone else's life better will make you a happier person. I admit as much as I believe in volunteering, I don't make as much time for it as I would like to. I came across these stories, and they inspired me to renew my commitment to volunteering.

Dorrie Aber Noyek recently turned 105 years old. What did she do for her special birthday? Volunteer of course. Noyek has volunteered at the same hospital for over 38 years. She says that because she has been very blessed in her life, she wants to give back to others. 

Adam Pervez was working a job where he earned a six- figure salary, but this job didn't make him happy. Pervez felt that there was much more that he needed to do with his life. He decided he would take "The Happiness Plunge" in which he would take two years off from working, to travel the world and volunteer. Pervez developed a website which documents his travels, and volunteer efforts. Please do explore his website and let it inspire you to make a difference wherever you are.

You, however, don't have to quit your job in order to volunteer a few hours per week, or month. Are you ready to begin volunteering? Here are some places to find volunteer opportunites.

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