Thursday, March 22, 2012

After Graduation

I just received one of those after graduation surveys from Chatham University, where I got my Master's degree. I can hardly believe it has almost been one year already since graduation. The survey asked questions like, "What did you major in, have you found a job related to your field of study yet, will you go on and get more education, and how much money do you make?"

Just yesterday I was cleaning up my email box and came across so many emails from last year, and also when I first began my Master's degree program in 2010.  In all of the old emails I saw a very unsure and nervous person, and yet a determined one. There was  A LOT that I did not know (and still don't know) about my career field. I had lots of questions, and with everything I did I wondered, "Am I doing this right?" "Will anyone ever want to publish my writing?" etc.
Now, one year later, although I still get nervous about lots of things, I can see my growth. While filling out the survey, of course I would have been happy to be able to write that I have a full-time job that is writing intensive (I don't), or that I'm currently making $100,000 + per year (I do not), I'm still happy to have made progress.
Although it has been difficult, and I've been unsure of my steps 90% of the time, I am moving forward and having some successes along the way.

I have a great mentor now who helps me whenever I get stuck or want to wallow in self-pity or as I call it "rejection-pity."  Slowly but surely my publication and résumé credits are growing. So while I may not be able to say that everything is perfect post-graduation, I can say that I'm heading in the right direction.

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