Monday, March 19, 2012

Did A Dumb Mistake Cost You The Job?

I've written a few articles about job searching. My article "7 Mistakes First Time Job Seekers Make: And How to Avoid Them" has gotten a lot of positive feedback. People want to know these mistakes so that they can be sure not to commit them while they are looking for their perfect job. I know that I wouldn't want one silly mistake to take away my chances of attaining a goal.

I also wrote about "How NOT to Write a Cover Letter" because an inteview with a company starts well before we are face to face with a potential employer.

I came across this article, "Dumb Things People Have Said During Job Interviews".  While some of the dumb statements made me laugh, it is hard to believe that anyone would go into an interview and say things like, "I'm in anger management." The idea that anyone would confess to abusing someone to "teach them a lesson" is just crazy.

Check out this article for a good laugh, and to see yet again, what NOT to do.

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