Monday, November 3, 2014


"The only thing that is constant is change." Heraclitus

In life things change. Seasons change, we age, we marry or divorce, have children, children grow up, we start a new job, or leave a job. Every day we are presented with some form of change.

Some people fight against change, opting instead to stay in their comfort zones. I myself have been guilty of this. I've stayed in situations because I was used to them, even if they made me unhappy.

I've often remained in comfort zones so long, despite all of the evidence that I should leave, that the universe had no choice but to force me out of the situation.

The main changes I have avoided, turned out to be good for me. Even when I was forced out of a situation, I looked back and was grateful for the push.

Recently I have experienced a lot of change. This change has caused me to demand that I make decisions and move forward in my life, rather than stay stuck in stagnation.

Have you avoided making decisions or moves in your life because you feared change?

Today I came across "11 Calming Reminders That Change is a Good Thing" in the Huffington Post. It reminded me that change is imminent, and should be embraced.

What changes have you been avoiding or dreading? How can you look at that change differently?

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