Monday, September 15, 2014

What Oprah Knows For Sure

What I Know For Sure
By Oprah Winfrey
228 pp. Flatiron Books. $18.62

Essays written by Oprah Winfrey for  O The Oprah Magazine have been gathered into this small, yet powerful book.

Part memoir, part inspiration, this book contains lessons Oprah has learned throughout her life.

Recounting important moments from her talk show-- interviews, friendships she formed with influential people, what she learned from the guru's on her show-- Oprah relays important information that anyone can learn from.

These essays have been edited by Oprah in 2014 to reflect how she has grown since writing the original essays.

Reading this book has made me wonder what I know for sure.  One thing I know for sure is when the student is ready the teacher will appear.

We can  learn new things that will improve our lives from any number of sources, and in any number of ways if our eyes and ears are open.

What do you know for sure?

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