Thursday, November 29, 2012

Happiness Now

Lately I have been doing a lot of soul searching. A lot of researching on ways to live well, and conquer issues from the past.

While playing around researching on Twitter. I came across this article on "10 Ways to Get Happy".

I like lists, especially lists with good tips for increasing my happiness.

I was happy to see that some of the things on the list are things I have been working on. The writer of the article Pernilla Hjort says that we should:

Live Now: This is one that gives me so much trouble. I try to live in the present. I really do. My mind, however, is constantly racing and thinking about what's next. It is my goal to be able to slow down more and live more mindfully.
Give: Giving is something I have committed to doing more. Giving of my time, money, a smile or helpful hand to someone else is becoming more of a priority for me. I want to be a giver not just during the holiday season, but always.

Have Fun: I admit I really do not have enough fun in my life. In the past I would always plan to do so many fun things, but end up doing none of them. I am getting better at this. Recently I went to my first ever live taping of the WWE Monday Night Raw television program. I have watched that show for years and finally got to be a part of the screaming, cheering crowd. I had a blast!  Most people laugh when they realize that I, who is usually seen as quiet and unassuming, loves to watch wrestling.

What do you love? What could you do to have more fun in your life, give more, and live in the now?

Check out the rest of this article to find out more ways you can have happiness now.

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