Monday, November 19, 2012

Healthy Thanksgiving Ideas

This will be the first year that I am NOT looking forward to stuffing myself on Thanksgiving day. In the past I looked forward to Thanksgiving as the one day in the year that I could eat and eat and then eat some more without anyone judging me.

Thankfully, this year I have made a breakthrough and have so far lost 50 pounds. So for me, finding healthy ways to enjoy the holiday is very important.

What types of  things do you do to make Thanksgiving day healthy? Perhaps you will spend more time talking about the recent Presidential Election, the General Petreaus scandal,  or who got voted off of The Xfactor, rather than getting a second helping of food.
Maybe, like my family, you will try to do something active on Thanksgiving day. Will you volunteer?

Here are some ideas that I found to help you have a healthier Thanksgiving.

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