Friday, July 6, 2012

Tools to Overcome Fear

Recently I wrote a blog post about being scared to succeed. I came across this article from Fabienne Fredrickson, founder of She wrote an article for Forbes in which she gives advice on, "Four Ways to Break Through Your Fear and Self Doubt".

Also there was an article in the  Huffington Post which talks about the fear of success, and gives tools for overcoming that fear.
Terri Cole, who wrote the article, suggests journaling as one of the tools for overcoming fear.
I am a huge fan of journaling, and know that it can help a person to overcome many different obstacles and emotions. Through journaling you can discover what exactly you are afraid of, and even come up with ways to move past the fear.

If you have struggled with the fear of failure or success, check out this article, as well as Fabienne's article for tips to overcome it.

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