Friday, November 25, 2011

Man learns to read at 96

Friends of this blog know how much I love a story of someone achieving a dream at any age. I have an especially  big place in my heart for those who learn to read later in life. The joy and gratitude new readers show after learning to read, shows what a gift reading really is.

Jim Henry was 96 years old when he moved into a senior living community in Connecticut. Once there he admitted that he could not read or write.  He was, however, determined to learn.

Two years later, Henry is the author of his very own book, "In A Fisherman's Language". The book tells the story of Henry's life and his work as a fisherman.

Watch Jim Henry as he happily signs his autograph into his book here.

Henry is just another example in a long list of people who have achieved great things later life.

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