Thursday, September 22, 2011

X Factor Grants Second Chance

Simon Cowell's new reality competition The X Factor premiered on Fox on Wednesday. While the show highlighted a lot of outstanding talent, it was the competitors who were going after their second chances who stole the show.

Stacy Francis, a 40-year-old single mother of two, auditioned after many years of doubting herself. She dated a man who told her that she was too old to go after her dreams, and she believed him. Finally, she stopped holding herself back, and when she opened her mouth to sing...she proved the old boyfriend-- and any other person who ever doubted her-- wrong.

See Stacy singing Aretha Franklin's "Natural Woman" Here.

Chris Rene recently got out of rehab after years of drug and alcohol abuse. He decided to not only stay clean this time, but to  go after his lifelong dreams. With 70 days sober, Chris sang an original song that he hoped would one day inspire his son.

Check his audition out here.

What chances have you been keeping yourself from taking?

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