Thursday, September 29, 2011

Angel List


Have you considered starting your own business, but don't know where to get help with your start up costs?  Perhaps you even tried to apply for a business loan, but were denied.  What do you do when you believe in the potential success of your business, but do not know where to find the capital? Trusted investors are often hard to come by, but without them most people do not have the money necessary to fund a new business.


Enter AngelList , a social networking site which connects new business owners with investors. A new business owner simply goes on to the site and sets up a profile. They then select which investors can see their profile. Investors decide which businesses to fund.


In the Huffingtonpost article "Naval Ravikant, AngelList: A Social Network That Connects Startups With Investors"  the founder of AngelList  discusses why he started this new website and how it benefits start up companies. 


If you are seriously thinking of starting your own company, check out the article and find out how you can make your goal of finding an investor for your business a reality.

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