Monday, February 11, 2013

Your Academic Advisor is Not Your Parent

The academic advisor provided to you once you begin college is not your parent. "Duh," you may be saying to yourself.  It is surprising how many students know this in theory, but when faced with tons of college questions they behave otherwise.

Having friends who are academic advisors, I am amazed at the types of questions students ask them. Questions like:

  • Is a teacher nice or mean?
  • Why can't I just skip this math class? I'm 40-years-old, I shouldn't have to take it.
  • I emailed you ten minutes ago, why haven't you responded yet?
This prompted me to write my latest article for Fastweb.

Making the Most of Your Academic Advisor, explains the do's and don'ts of working with your academic advisor. An advisor is a great resource to have. You want to be sure to use him or her wisely.

Check out this article if you want to make the most of your academic advisor.

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