Monday, October 8, 2012

Accepting Yourself As You Are

A week or so ago I saw a picture posted on Facebook of a person wearing a turban and some jokes underneath it. I scrolled past the picture because I really don't like it when people take pictures of others without permission for the sole purpose of posting it online and making fun of that person.

A day or two later I saw an article written about the person who was in the picture. I learned that her name is Balpreet Kaur.  Kaur, is a student at Ohio State University. The picture that was plastered online was taken by another student and intended to be a nasty joke. Kaur learned about her picture being online and people in the comments section making fun of her looks.

Rather than cry or hide, as if ashamed of her looks, she spoke out! Not only did Kaur comment to the person who posted her picture and the people who made mean comments, but she did so with love.  She explained her Sikh faith and inspired other people to see themselves differently in the process.

Now in her post on the Huffington Post she writes about, "Turning Ugliness Into Beauty Through Interfaith Leadership".

Kaur has been an inspiration because she accepts herself as she is.  I hope that we all can do the same.

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