Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Guest Post- 5 Signs You Need a New Job

You may not know it but you hate your job and you need a new one, pronto. You may have gotten used to the odd signs and behavior you are displaying, but here are five tell-tale signs that you need to start tweaking your resume:

Sunday nights are spent weeping: I like to call this the ‘Sunday Night Work Weepies’. You have had a wonderfully short weekend and when dinner approaches your body starts to throw a tantrum. You ask questions like ‘Why me?’ and ‘What did I do to deserve this?’ If tears and self-questioning your life are a weekly routine, it’s time to find a new job.

You hide at the sound of footsteps: It’s like a bad horror movie, footsteps from down the hall are headed your way and next thing you know you are hiding under your desk. You are terrified to see your manager or boss because you know it will be another meaningless and underappreciated project or assignment. If you feel your stomach clench and find yourself breaking out into a sweat it’s time to find a new job.

You choose to eat lunch alone: You would rather eat your ham and cheese in your car than venture over to an overrated and campy burger joint with ‘these people’ that are called your ‘colleagues’. Every job comes with at least one partner in crime that you can share office drama and dread with. If you don’t like anyone in your office, then who will help talk you down after your vent sessions? It’s time to find a new job with people you like.

You can’t wait until the next round of Flu goes around: It’s time to find a new job if you followed the sniffling, sneezing and coughing receptionist around the last 30 minutes. You are begging for the aches and pains and a fever that will keep you home. If time spent sick in bed is ten times more appealing than going to work, time to move on.

Your friends don’t like you:You can’t figure out why your friends stopped inviting you over or why your family didn’t call on your birthday. There is no nice way to say this, you are being a jerk. They don’t like you because you dislike your job so much that all you do is cry, vent and complain to them. If you want your friends and family to love you again, find a new job.

Ring bell? Thought so. Now slap a smile on your face and brush up your interview skills and find something that makes you happy. Our lives are spent working; you might as well find a job that makes you want to hug kittens not drown them. Life is too short, good luck in your job search!

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This guest post is contributed by Debra Johnson, blogger and editor of full time nanny.

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