Friday, January 13, 2012

Want To Be Debt Free?

Well the holidays are over now. A lot of people are left having to dig themselves out of financial ruts thanks to the spending sprees they went on at the end of last year.

If you are anything like me, it wasn't just the holidays that started the financial rut. That rut began a long time ago. In my case with student loans.  I wish I would have had my article, What To Know Before You Borrow (which was written in hindsight) to guide me through my college process.

Here's financial guru Suze Orman discussing how to pay off not only that holiday debt, but debt in general, including student loans.

Let each video end and the next one begin to see the different financial tips.

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  1. Debts have a strong impact on your life. They can make a bad impact on your personal and financial life. If you can manage your debts without breaking your bank, then there is nothing to worry. However, if debts are too much and you can't tackle them, then there is a big problem.

    Manage your money wisely. Spend as per your financial means. Don't take out a loan which you can't afford to pay back. Plan a personal budget and stick to it in all seasons.

    If you get into debt problems even after following the aforementioned tips, then you can take advantage of debt relief programs to get out of debt.