Monday, October 24, 2011

5 Steps to a Do-it-Yourself No Flaw Makeover

Guest Post

Many of life’s events require special attention to being appropriately dressed.  Without realizing it our personal apparel is a reflection of our current life moment (ie: new job,  motherhood etc.).  If we find that routine slumped or in need of reviving there is no shortage of resources at our disposal. 
 I spent the early part of my fashion career sitting through countless episodes of "What Not to Wear" while completing my Bachelor's degree in Fashion. No need to hire Stacy and Clinton, I have gleaned the show for real life usage and created five ways you can put your makeover in your own hands.
Step 1-- There is always time in life for inspiration.  Yes, inspiration from current popular magazines or online fashion resources.  Allow yourself to be reduced to your 2nd grade imagination and make a collage of clothing and accessories you like or want to learn to wear.  *Note: if this makeover was staged by family/ friends then this exercise is for them.
Step 2--Assess what you currently own, yes everything.  This will require pulling out non-seasonal or stowed clothes.  You will be forced to realize what it is you buy (which is not necessarily what you wear).
Step 3-- Use your tear sheets or collage for guidance to gather gently used (and clean) items that do not align with your desired new look.  Donate things of value and discard the rest.
Step 4-- Go shopping within your personal budget.  A clearance rack will be your best friend in stocking up on some items (even if it’s for next season).  If money is not an object, take this time to explore the best vintage stores in your area.  You will develop an eye for quality here and gain better insight into key pieces to balance your wardrobe.
Step 5-- Try your new and improved look out immediately!  Your new way of dressing will only become a way of life if it becomes a habit (which on average takes 3-4 weeks).  When putting your pieces together don’t be afraid to refer to your collage.  It should be a guideline; allowing for easy substitutions where appropriate.
Other Tips:
--Try voluminous hair.
--Experiment with berry/ red lipstains and lipsticks.
--Invest in a good blazer if you spend money on any key piece.
 --Pick up one item of either : faux, cheetah, fur or python.
--A wedge shoe is your best shoe choice.

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