Monday, July 18, 2011

Four Thousand Miles

Four Thousand Miles
Jesi Lea Ryan
DCL Publications, LLC 2010. 431pp. $2.95

 "Four Thousand Miles" the debut novel by Jesi Lea Ryan begins with Natalie Spencer facing the worst day of her life. Without any notice she loses her job and  finds out that her marriage has been based on a lie. Without any where else to turn, Natalie decides to run away from it all . Using her severance pay she escapes to England. There she meets a kind stranger, Gavin Ashby, who shows Natalie that  her life is not over, but instead it is just beginning.

At over 400 pages this novel gives readers a sweeping view of England, and Ireland. Ryan manages to weave in some of everything from history to music into this modern day fairytale. This book is perfect for anyone who loves a wholesome romance that takes its time to develop. The reader is allowed to savor every moment, and see the world through Natalie's experiences.

I would have preferred the book have  a few more plot twists, but overall this is a strong debut from Jesi Lea Ryan.

If you have ever dreamed of running away and starting your life over then this is the book for you.

*The author provided a copy of  "Four Thousand Miles" for me to review.


  1. Great Review!

    This sound like an interesting read.

  2. sounds interesting just based on the travel angle! Great review KP!