Sunday, July 31, 2011

An Army of One

Let's face it, everyone is not on team positivity. When you decide to go after a lifelong dream or a more recently conceived goal, not everyone will be wishing you the best. Maybe you have decided to go back to school, change jobs, start your own small business, etc. Unfortunately, when you excitedly share these hopes with your friends or family they may not always see your vision the way you do. They may voice opinions that leave you feeling inadequate. This is when you have to become an army of one.

In his article, "5 Ways Your Negative Friends Can Drag You Down" Robert Pagliarini helps readers to recognize when people are trying to sabotage their goals, and offers a way to overcome the criticisms.

In the end, Pagliarini tells us that we must not allow the negativity of others to keep us from our dreams. Whether they say that we aren't good enough for what we want, that our plans won't work, or that they think our ideas are plain old dumb, we must push forward. If that doesn't work we could also do as Pagliarini says in his article, "When You Should Breakup With Your Mother" and breakup with negative friends.

Growing up I used to hear a saying often that said, "Not everyone can go where you are going." That is never more true than when you attempt to improve your life.

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