Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Free Education

Most students in America know a lot about student loans. Sometimes the amount borrowed to complete a college degree far outweighs the earning potential of a student fresh out of college. Many people would like to take a class here or there to learn new skills, but avoid taking classes simply because the price is too high.

MIT has provided a solution to this problem by offering classes online for FREE. On their website they provide a list of over  1,000 courses that the general public can view and take at no charge. The subjects range from architecture to women's studies. The learner who uses this website gets to view the professors' lecture notes, the exams with the answer key, homework assignments for the class, and the reading list. If a learner chooses to buy their books from Amazon they will receive a 10% discount. Or to keep things completely free, you can borrow the books from your local library.

 Grades are not given for the classes, and there are no deadlines. It is an amazing way to learn at your own pace.  I have tried out a few of these classes and it is a pleasure to be able to work through a course offered by a top notch university at no cost. KP


  1. I will be checking out their cirriculum this w/e.

  2. (uuuhh, Rose will be checking it out, lol)

  3. I have so much fun on that page. It is great to be able to just pick a course and start learning at no charge.