Monday, January 14, 2013

What If I Fail?

What if? What if I try something new and I fail miserably? What if everyone laughs at me for even trying? What if when I walk into a new classroom, job interview, volunteer center, everyone looks at me like I have four heads? What if I spend my savings to start that new business and I go broke? What if???

I'm sure that we have all had these thoughts. I know that I have had way more than those listed above. I remember Iyanla Vanzant called it "AWFULIZING." We often imagine a scenario that is way worse than what the reality of a situation will be.

I came across this article "Realizing Your Dream: Stop Dwelling on “What Ifs” " and could relate so much to the author. She too had dreams when she was younger that she let go of because of fear. Now, however, she has decided to go back to school and study biology inspite of being over 30- years- old. 

If you've been stopping yourself from going after a lifelong dream because of the "what ifs" now is the time to stop. Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway. Say yes and go for it!

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