Monday, June 27, 2011

Want a Career Change? Get an M.B.A.

A person having several different careers  over the course of their lifetime is not unusual. Gone are the days where we get a job at 18 and keep it until retirement. So what should you do if you are looking to change the direction of your career?  There are many different ways to go about making a successful career change. 

Shadow someone who is already doing the job you want to get a sense of if it is right for you.
Volunteer for an organization and work in a position similar to the one you want to add experience to your resume.
Intern for a business and learn valuable industry related skills.
Update your resume highlighting any experience or skills you have that directly relate to the new career you are seeking.
Network with like-minded people. If you are looking to move into a certain field, find out where the people who work in that field are and go there. Join organizations and clubs that cater to that industry.
Go back to school.

According to USNews, "If you're looking for the fast track to gain the skills and network to launch your career in a new direction, a popular way to do so is through an M.B.A. program."

M.B.A. programs make it possible for a person who is changing careers to gain new knowledge, complete internships, create a network, build a resume, and gain employment. Seems like a win/win situation.

Stacy Blackman offers advice to those who are serious about pursuing an M.B.A. in her article. Also read my post on free practice tests because you will need to pass the GMAT exam in order to be accepted into most M.B.A. programs.

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