Monday, April 25, 2011

Anything Is Possible

There are metaphors for the journey I am on--we are all on-- everywhere. Encouragement can be found when we least expect it.

Anthony Robbins posted a link on Twitter to this video of  Ueli Steck-- a world record speed climber-- climbing a massive mountain. The second the video came on I saw myself. This is not to say that I am now, or ever will be, capable of climbing a mountain!

What I am saying is that in life we face many mountains. With courage, determination, and faith in ourselves we can make it to the top of the mountain no matter how steep or slippery the climb!


  1. This video will be an inspiration for long time. Thank you for sharing

  2. this is so poignant and metaphoric for keeping focused on the goal. The minute you start looking down and around realizing how daunting what you're doing is, you get scared. If you just focus on taking each step, getting to the top becomes very possible. thanks for sharing!